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i actually like speaking in front of large crowds. freakish, eh?

i work crossword puzzles in ink.

i am the american nigella lawson. or maybe the american eddie izzard. can't decide, really.

i would be a really good mom, but i'm cool with being a really good aunt.

i am sometimes more perceptive than i would like to be.

i am fiercely loyal. sometimes, stupidly so.

i never play dumb. never.

i am way too hard on myself.

i am a change agent.

i sometimes cross that fine line between assertive and aggressive.

i am not afraid to tell people that i love them.

i am militantly pro-choice.

i am pro-adoption.

i know a little bit about alot of things.

i typically enjoy the company of men more than women.

i am capable of being really mean and nasty, but i fight it. hard.

i am a lifelong cubs fan. do not laugh.

i have been known to hold a grudge.

i have hips.

i am not my sister.

i am lousy at forgiving myself.

i am an indoor kind of gal.

i am a bargain shopper. to the point of obsession.

i am 32 flavors. and then some.

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oh yeah...
i was so distracted by my armpit travails that i forgot to mention my blog-spiffing activities. earlier this week, the only person i had shared my blog with asked if he could pass along the link to some other folks. i have to admit that i hadn't really considered the possiblity that: 1. anyone else would read this, or 2. anyone else would want to read this. so, after about 45 seconds of hard deliberation, i told him, "uh...sure."

immediately, i panic. i start doubting my blog. it's like being invited to the best party ever, and then immediately realizing you have nothing to wear, and that you're not a sparkling conversationalist. i suddenly feel i should edit my title tag: "but my blog has a nice personality!" so, in an effort to make my blog fit in a bit (my poor beta blog -- longing to be an alpha), i polished things up a bit, reorg'd a tad, and added some links so that visitors can quickly access other blogs after they decide they don't like my blog "that way." there are alot of great blogs out there...google your brains out, people.

so, although i won't be hemming and hawing or self-editing, i would guess that, in future posts, there might be a little less of the morose introspection, and a little more of the wry observation.


and less information about my armpits.

(thunderous applause)

oh, fine.

anyway, that's that. just thought i'd explain the facelift, or the reorg, or, the whatever. and to say: the alias premiere is only four short hours away. and it had better not suck, or i'll be sorely put out. of course, lena olin is on board for this season. think there will be a revisit of her bowler ensemble from the unbearable lightness of being? oh, wait...it'd be victor garber instead of daniel day-lewis...hmmm...well, she was just incredibly hot in that bowler with that mirror and that chair and...and, that's all i'm sayin'.

i'm feeling a very special episode for sweeps.
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